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Hey you! Hope you're doing wonderful! I just wanted to update you on the latest lash trend that's blowing up right now.

The WET LOOK. It's everything you want in a classic lash but using all volume lashes to create perfect fullness.

Serving classic feels, utilizing volume lashes to give darker lash line. Not the traditional volume lash fans that you're familiar of.

If you've ever felt like traditional volumes aren't for you, and classic wasn't full enough.. Girlfriend, wait till you try these!

Lash trends change ALL the time. There are times when I want to do full blown GLAM and by my next fill, I want short & natural.

With that said, you can change up your lash style at any given time. We just ask a heads up in case we need to adjust our schedule to accommodate you or others :)

Wet Look is the newest "natural" look you achieve with a little holy moley WOW factor to your eyes!

Text us for more info or if you have any questions. Your super talented lash artist & our lovely salon coordinator, Sarah, will be on stand by to guide you!

We can't wait to add you onto our portfolio of Wet Looks! See you soon!

-my fabulash studio SQUAD

Kathy, Alexis, Natalie, & KrisAnn

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