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I was introduced to the artistry of eyelash extensions in 2005. The industry has grown soooo much since. The time when straight lashes, one thickness, were the only option we had to offer! And now the creation of Russian Volumes, lash lifts, tints.. and I don't see it slowing down anytime in the near future. I strive on continuing education, perfection, & helping YOU feel your best self.


Us women go through a LOT with wretched hormones, just to say the very least. It affects our every day productivity. Always taking care of everyone else before ourself. Breaking promises to ourselves, trying to justify YOUR own needs/wants before others. Feeling bad for spending X amount when you can buy your kids, Husband, Mom/Dad something else instead, trust me.. I get it sis. That's why any one who walks in, we make sure they leave happy, & well taken care of. Whether its feeling sassy with your lashes on, or rockin' a flawless dewy skin.

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