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I was introduced to the artistry of eyelash extensions in 2005. We didn't have much lash options back then. Now Lashes can be customized to how YOU want them. Fullness, lengths, curls, lash lifts, tints, the possibilities are endless! 

Being a survivor of abuse, I threw the devil an uno-reverse card & switched gears.  I thrive immensely by uplifting others. 💁🏼‍♀️ It makes sense that the beauty industry compelled me. Whether it's vent sessions, quiet time to re-energize, to getting up & feeling the most confident. Seeing your eyes light up with joy after lash visits the true essence of why I love what I do. 

During my healing journey, I've been deeply attuned to the dynamics of human beings. This has driven my understandings the multitude of changes women experience throughout our lives, particularly our lashes. As delicate lashes are, it holds immense power in accentuating one's eye and overall appearance. It's no secret that overtime lashes shorten, and thin out. Robbing us the confidence and radiance we deserve. This too has fueled my passion for uplifting women, and helping them feel their absolute best through the transformative art of lash work.

The connection I gained with each individual allows me to not only deliver exceptional lash services but also to become a source of support, encouragement, and positivity. Being a part of their transformation, witnessing their newfound confidence, and radiance fulfills my heart. I hold pride that I'm able to contribute to their journey of self-discovery, self-love, and empowerment. Together, we create a world where every woman can feel her absolute best, one lash at a time. 🖤

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