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Covid Numbers + Inflation

Hey there! I just wanted to pop on and say HELLOOOOOOO gorgeous!

Secondly, idk about you, but the second we turn on the news - it talks about alllllll the wretched things going on. BLAH.

COO-COO #'s going up (the virus, not people lol) & the oh-so-wonderful inflation of this, that, or the other.

All that's just as spooky as that clown to the left. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

How is everyone holding up now a days? Times like these can make a person spiral downhill.. a very steep hill.. 😳

We're forced to cut down on things we LOVE just to make ends meet. So we've come up with a pretty cool plan.. We hope to get new/returning clients who had to stop due to financial issues.

I've got a few things to announce - I am noticing a few salons offering different levels of stylist, umm hellooo, beauty on a budget! I've found a floating junior lash artist to help with this service.

Don't worry, she has over 5 years of experience. AND if she's not available, and there's an opening with our senior artist.. They'll be more than happy to take you in!

Continuing with our announcements. We're also doing a referral program till end of year! What does this mean, you ask? Well, this means anyone you refer to us that mentions your name, YOU will receive $10 off your next service. #MoneyInYourPocket

There isn't a limit, so you can accumulate as much as you can so long as they mention your name PRIOR to their service check out :)

ANDDDD last but not the least by any means..

Our open enrollment for foreign fills are in FULL effect! If you, your friend, or anyone you know that's not happy with their current place...

Tell them we'll accept them! This only happens a few times a year since these services can get preeeeeetty dicey... :)

Now it's the end of this dealio.. I thank you for reading, spreading the word.. and as always, the continuing support from each and every one of you! Even though things are cray cray in the world.. you continue to make us thrive..and your support goes unnoticed.

Until next time! <3


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