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Q: Will this damage my lashes?
A: With correct application you never have to worry about the integrity of your lashes. As our industry keeps growing, we have meetings and classes as a team to ensure the whole staff gets the same knowledge and stay up to date with new science discoveries.

Q. Can you be allergic to adhesive?
A. Yes, but this is very rare. Usually if slight irritation is experienced, you may have inflammation to pollen or any allergies you have going on. Extensions give pollen, debris, etc. more space to sit around your eye area. In most cases, changes in medication, diet, stress, hormones, etc. can give a inflammation reaction. Book a lash shampoo prior to appointment to help minimize irritation sensitivity. If swelling keeps recurring, we would suggest a lash lift & tint instead.

Q. Can you get the lashes wet?
A. Yes, you can get them wet immediately. However,  lots of moisture exposure can weaken bond of adhesive. If you're an active person, make sure you wet lashes with water over sink to avoid having sweat breaking down adhesive. Same rule applies when crying, have watery eyes, sauna, & spray tans.

Q. Can you wear eyeliner with the lashes?
A. Yes, you can wear eyeliner. Pencil & powdered liners are best. It is best of avoid gel eyeliner and waterproof products because it hardens in the lashes and is difficult to remove. Which will lead to blockage in follicles, preventing new lashes from growing for us to lash on.

Q. How often do you have get fills?
A. We recommend getting fills between 2-3 weeks to keep your lashes full. Everyone's lash cycle is very unique and not usually consistent.

Q. Can I wear Mascara?
A. It is not recommended. If you are ready for a touch up book your fill asap. We highly recommend pre-booking your appts to avoid waiting extended periods for a fill. If you must use mascara DO NOT use waterproof for any reason. Use only water soluble mascara. That easily comes off with warm water. Applying waterproof mascara will cause damage when removing the product off lashes. In most case, we may need to remove and apply a fresh new set to avoid eye infection from poor lash hygiene.

Q. How come my lashes look different from my friend's?
A. Everyone's eye is shaped differently, so it creates different looks on their face. You will never look exactly like your friend, or your favorite celebrity. 😊 Your friend might have gotten classic and has 120 natural lashes per eye, and you may only have 80 per eye. Talk to your lash artist about upgrading your fill to achieve your desired fullness, no one said it was impossible. 😉 Also, you don't have to remove them to start over, you can simply add more during your next appt.

Q. Are there different lengths & thickness?
A. Yes, we carry all kinds of lengths, thicknesses, and even curls! As a trained lash artist, we will only apply what your natural lashes can hold. We do not believe in ruining integrity of your lashes, even if you demand  it.


Q.  Does this process hurt?
A. It is always pain free. If something doesn't feel right. Speak up. Let your lash artist know, so they can assess the situation.

Q. What if I decide I want them off?
A. Get them taken off professionally. We have a solution that breaks down the adhesive so they slide off. 

Q. How do I take my makeup off?
A. Purchase a My Fabulash Studio LASH CLEANSER. One pump is enough to clean both eyes. Utilizing the brush, cleansing in a downward motion into lashes, eyelids, & under eyes. Rinse with warm water. Doing this once a day helps maintain clean lashes, promoting new hair growth, & have the best retention. Old make-up, residue, dust, debris breaks down adhesive formula causing lashes to shed prematurely.

Q. What are Volume Lashes?
A. Volume lashes are ultra light giving me the ability to adhere more than one volume lash per one of your natural lashes. The weight of multiple volume lashes are equivalent to JUST 1 of the Classic lashes. The main selling point on the volume lashes is: They don't damage your lashes while having the fullest you can ever imagine! They really do keep your own lashes looking at their best while having them on.

Q. What if i want light weight lashes but I don't what a lot of "VOLUME"?
A. Super Dense Volume lashes are not always "fake" looking. We can customize them to look more natural while enjoying the extended stretch of fill appts that volumes offer.

Q.  Why are Volume Lashes more expensive?
A. The appointment time is a longer duration and the skill set to do volume lashes is much higher than those doing classic lashes. It is a very tedious process and only the best of the best are strong at doing Volume lashes. When bargain shopping in the beauty world you have to remember you get what you pay for. We always suggest that those new to lash service try the classic lashes before doing volumes in order to appreciate them. To make sure you even like lashes and not feel like you're spending too much money. We always want clients to know that there are less expensive options for lashes.

Feel free to contact us if you have other questions or concerns.

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