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5 Simple Lash-Care Tips for Thriving in Every Season🎅🏻

Although it doesn't FEEL like it, Christmas is nearly here! The days are shorter, not enough time to get things done but we still manage to anyway, some how! Just wanted to remind you, that you're part of the "things to get done" also. If you don't take care of yourself, how well can you really you'll manage others? 🤔 Below are a few things you can do for lash-care tips!

First things first, clean those lashes. Even if you don't wear make up. Extensions gives more *things to hang out around your eye area. Sleepies, pollen, make up (even if you "only" wear liner/mascara on the bottom lash line - it transfers), moisturizer, spf, etc. I recommend cleaning them once a day, if it's your allergy season, twice is necessary. We carry our own line here, you can order for pick up at the salon. If you're no where near, here's one I found on amazon. (disclaimer: all links are affiliated links & items I've used before myself)

2. If your lashes needs to fluff up a little, use your blowdryer on LOW + COOL setting, blow up at your lashes with spooly on top doing rolling method to fluff them back up again. They'll look lively & smooth like a fresh blow out on your hair lol. If you don't have a cool setting or need something more portable. I use this at the salon sometimes, you can purchase this mini fan from amazon as well.

3. Also, the most important thing.. the less you touch your investment, the better. Yes, I said investment. It's an investment for self care, mental care, & physical care. Cause lashes solve most of your problems :) Some people are lash picking thinkers, lash rubbing thinkers, and sometimes not even thinking about it but you're rubbing them... Lets not. 😅

4. When your lashes grow out, and you absolutely-freaking-have to, use the spoolies thats given to you after every appointment. They're your lashes best friend aside from lash cleansers. You can even purchase a pack here.

5. Last, but not least.. prebook your appointments. After all, last thing you and I both want, is to not have an appointment and needing to wait longer than expected. Text us at 214-326-0665 or you can schedule an appointment here. If you're needing 2 week fills or don't want to pay in full yet, text us. ☺️

Hopefully this was helpful for you -if you have any questions, as always send us a text. You can email, chat box, or DM, but they don't get checked every day. Wish you all a wonderful holidays! See you soon!


Kathy + MFS team :)

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