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Manifesting the lashes of your dreams

Have you ever gotten lashes done before, and it wasn't what you expected?

What a bummer! Let's be real here, can any one honestly say they absolutely love spending over 30 minutes in the mornings applying mascara alone?

That's a huge chunk of your day, not to mention being careful removing those bad boys every night.

You not only have to be gentle, but patient with removing mascara.. why? You can potentially damage your natural lashes in the long run. Yes, damage them. I'm living proof.

Will extensions ruin your natural lashes? Short answer is, no. They absolutely do not. However, poor application & home care is what actually does ruin them. To find out more details on that topic, shoot me a DM on instagram. I'll be glad to go more in depth on that.

There are many options of curls, lengths, fullness, and even shapes when it comes to lashes now. There's absolutely no reason why lash extensions weren't for you.

Was there a miscommunication during consult?

No explanation to your results?

If you think they were too long, not full enough, too full, the process hurt (it shouldn't btw) whatever the case may be..

I'd like to know what are some of the issues you've had. Whether it's previous experience elsewhere, or even with us.

I've had a few clients reach out to me personally and told me a few things they thought I should know..

And boyyyy was I glad they did that. Because, I don't know what I don't know.

& I'm glad I was able to remedy the situation vs wondering what the heck happened.

Even though I'm there, doesn't mean I know everything that's going on :)

Can't wait to hear from you!

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