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Business Branding + Scaling Your Business

OK… I’ve had so many people ask me about the new branding/content I’ve been posting on the IG.

Along with what am I doing exactly to not be affected by our good ol’ friend inflation.

Here’s the deal… I’ve been kinda quiet on socials for a minute bc I was taking a branding course. Balancing work, home, & study life is not for the weak FYI lol. THEN I decided to take an another course a few weeks ago on digital marketing & put the combined knowledge to the test.

I reset my reach & tried out different methods to growing my business accounts. & the results did not disappoint. Here’s what I mean..

I went from this..

To this… 👇🏼

So did the course work? HELL YEAH, it did!!

If your instagram is a business/creator account, than you know how freaking amazing these numbers mean. Whether you’re in service, sell physical products, digital products, coaching, whatever… this is GOLD if you want your content to be pushed out.

Want to know the best part? Now you can too! What good is this if I’m not going to spill the tea to allow other businesses grow along side with me?

There are 2 courses I have to offer you… let’s dive deep to see which one you need most that will help you with your business!

If you’ve got a business plan, but lacking the branding part of it.. my branding course includes everything you need to know to build a compelling brand online & not only gain followers, but learn how to convert them into customers! Your brand is one of the most important assets you have because it appreciates the value of everything else that you do!

But.. if you’re wanting to learn how to brand AND scale your current/future business to another level… the DWA course (my absolute fav) will not only teach you branding, but also teach you step by step how to create a digital product/course, how to market, sell & set up your systems to have your business running on AUTO. Meaning… passive income & essentially earning while you sleep. 🤯

This is how I learned to create “My method to building a clientele” product. I created it once, and have sold it repeatedly… NO overhead, NO crazy inventory, ALL profits.

This isn’t JUST for service industry folks, you can create a product or course in ANY niche. Crochet, planting, motherhood, manifesting, anxiety control methods, human design, brows, stylist things, bartending tips, you name it… the creation of all this good stuff is taught inside my course.

Still unsure if UBC or DWA is best for you? Holler at me, I’m here to help! You can DM me on IG. Want to start a little side hustle, and haven’t defined your niche? These course has Master Resell Rights (MRR) license attached to it, meaning if you purchase it, you own it outright & earn 100% every time you resell it.

There’s a module inside that will help you narrow down your niche should you need some deep diving on that. 😎

I love helping women feel confident in themselves with lashes & I have recently found it even more rewarding helping other women crush their financial goals. And digital marketing, is where it’s at.

So allow me to reintroduce myself, I’m Kathy, your favorite lash artist/bestie in the mornings & digital marketer by afternoon. 🖤 I love making women feel their best with lashes & serving even MORE women beyond my locals with teaching you how to earn an income online from anywhere in the world. 🌎🫶🏼

Let’s create extremely life changing goals & take advantage of this digital era we’re in. 👏🏼 For more business side of things, sign up for my marketing tips here scroll to the bottom of the page where you can grab my FREE passive income guide… you can do it all even faceless. 🤯

Remember, my DM’s are always open for a chat 💬

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