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My eyes have swollen shut!

This is worst thing that can happen to anyone. UGH!! Before you self diagnose yourself or refer to Dr. Google for advice. Let's take a chill pill and talk with your lash artist to see what's going on first. Let the pro's handle the investigating & examination. First things first, do you happen to have seasonal allergies? "But they never make my eyes swell!" I hear ya sis.. believe it or not, lashes can cause a little annoyances at times. If you happen to have seasonal allergies (symptoms or not), pollen, debris, etc has more room to chill on around your eyes. Think about it, each extension is much thicker than one natural lash so more things can get sit on them. While you may not quite need a removal (*whew), just a simple lash cleanser can do the j o b.

Lash cleansers are safe to use every day, and in the summer, twice a day. The old tale of never get your lashes wet no matter what, no longer holds true. Studies have proven we are actually doing ourself a dis-service by not giving our lashes a bath. Imagine all debris, pollen, days old make up residue, sleepy, and not to mention, LASH MITES are living around your eyes. These things left unattended will cause permanent damage if you ignore daily lash regime. They will block your hair follicles preventing new lashes from growing, which also means we don't have any lashes to attach to for fills! 😲

Ask us about this the next time you come in, we'll give you more in depth info & you can ask any questions you may have!

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