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It's gettin' HOT in HURR *Nelly voice

☀️ Summer not only means 🥵 sizzling degree weather. But it also 👙 pool parties, 👩🏼‍🍳 cook outs, bbq's.. whatever you cool cats and kittens 😸 do. All while social distancing of course. 😆 But have you noticed this is the prime time when lashes tend to lose it's curl? Girl...

Steam from cooking, opening oven, grilling, blow drying hair, saunas, just to name a few. But this doesn't mean you have to start all over to get your curl back, no ma'am. Keep that extra doe 💵 in your pocket and pre-order this hot item! 😉

Our heated lash curler will help lashes stay high and right, just how we like 'em. 🙆🏼‍♀️ Did you know, clients come in with singed lashes? Yup. I said singed, girlfriend.🔥

That's a definitely a thing, the curler can help with that too. 🤗

When you pre-order, you have the option to pick up from salon, I'll even do curbside pick up, or have it shipped to your home. The choice is yours..

Straight lashes or nah?

Keep them right or nah?

Pre-order or nah?

Either way, thanks for reading!

xoxo Kathy

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