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This should never happen to you..

I woke up this morning reading responses from my stories yesterday of "If I look like this girl, I'll then cut my hair". A super sweet person's comment stuck out to me.

"You don't need to change. Comparing yourself to someone else is awful. You are beautiful as you are. This makes me so sad. I have a daughter. I wouldn't want her looking at another person thinking she needs to be like them. Love yourself."

You know what? She's right. I never thought of the example I'm setting. 😳

I realized instantly why I'm that way... Those words came from someone I've never met. Those kind words never came out of my mothers mouth (at least not to me). I'm still working on diminishing scars that will forever be embedded in me. This friend-ive-never-even-met has changed how I will present myself to my girls from now on.

Spreading positivity, and love is something I tend to do.. but forget to on myself. This brought happy tears to me this morning. I hope it helps you too. I need to get myself together again, lashes have straightened out from all this crying and rubbing.. time to use my heated lash curler. ✌🏼

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